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Our business philosophy is simple. We think smart, and we work smart. This means that we offer you the sort of professional advice that can genuinely transform your business by introducing simpler and more effective practices to your company.

Whether you’re a new start-up looking for book keeping or a tax accountant, a developing SME or already a successful business with ambitions to be bigger, we’d love to talk to you. We promise it’ll change the way you view your accountants forever.

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1st September 2014

Expanding a Business: 5 Top Tips

Many column inches have been dedicated to the gradual economic improvement in the Irish economy – so how do you and your business handle growth? Here are five areas to review when planning expansion programs:

  • Go Back to the Original Drawing Board

When you wrote your original business plan it expressed your understanding of the core values of and aspirations for your business. As the business has grown, have you adjusted your plan to reflect the changes in your business?

    • Has your customer base changed – take the opportunity to ensure you are correctly targeting the correct market segments with your campaigns.
    • What resources do you need to cope with changed demand and are they available? Do you need to source new premises/ suppliers/ systems, etc?
    • Are there additional compliance issues with a growth in size?


  • Asses who your competitors are

    At each stage of business growth your market position shifts, as does your cost base. As a sole trader, labour costs may not have been an issue – as an employer are you going to be able to pay enough to get the quality of staff while remaining competitive. Is a building move too much of a cost to absorb? What are your nearest competitors doing and how are they dealing with expansion?


  • The Money Question

    How to sustainably finance growth is always a difficult question to answer. Do you want to share the business with other parties? Do you want a Venture Capitalist? Do you go for bank funding? The first step is ensuring your business plan and finances are up to date and available for your review. Have you completed projections and feasibility studies?


  • Structure

    Is now the time to move to a limited company or a limited partnership from sole trader? Are there any safeguards to be taken – keyman insurance, shareholder agreements, etc?


  • Sales Strategy

    How are you going to maintain your sales growth? Do you need new sales systems? Should you improve your online presence? Are you maximising your sales reach?

    Take our GPS Diagnostic http://www.mcinerneysaunders.ie/gps-diagnostic/ to see how your business is set up for the future.

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Jackie Freeman“always available to answer staff or management queries”“…Over the years McInerney Saunders have worked with us to develop their service in line with our IT developments leading to the most cost effective and efficient service to our staff whilst still maintaining the personal contact for resolving their payroll queries. They provide a dedicated account manager who is always available to answer staff or management queries. “
[ Read the entire testimonial ]– Jackie Freeman, Finance Director – Pizza Express (Restaurants) Limited –


“Utterly professional and very knowledgable, McInerney Saunders are a true example of a “Client First” firm.  They are imaginative in the way they try to solve clients’ problem and thoroughly efficient in getting the job done….great to deal with”

– Barry O’Neill– Eugene F Collins–
“McInerCarol Wilkinsonney Saunders are, quite simply, experts in their field.”“The knowledge of the freight and logistics industry shown by the staff of McInerney Saunders has been a fundamental cornerstone to our growth. In these challenging times, we know McInerney Saunders are there for us and their staff are always on hand to provide prompt and excellent support in all areas of accounting issues. McInerney Saunders are, quite simply, experts in their field.”
[ Read the entire testimonial ]– Carol Wilkinson – Curtis & Lees Limited –

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