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With an ever more complex legislative framework to operate in, compliance has become more and more important for businesses today.

Statutory Audits and Annual Accounts

Annual Accounts and Statutory Audits are the most obvious of your compliance requirements. All businesses are required to prepare annual financial statements to comply with taxation and/or corporate legislation, or to meet the requirements of financial institutions.

We can prepare the annual financial statements and advise you on the most appropriate accounting systems to satisfy your annual reporting requirements.

When planning the preparation of the financial statements we work closely with our clients to ensure that their requirements for appropriate management information are also satisfied.

We are also registered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland to carry out statutory audits in Ireland and in the U.K. in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Acts and Auditing Standards in force.

Our audit is designed to enable us to express an audit opinion in accordance with the governing legislation and the auditing standards. Our audits are planned in conjunction with our clients to ensure that our staff have a thorough understanding of the client’s needs prior to commencement of the audit.

We seek to minimise the disruption to the client in the carrying out of the statutory audit and we do this by ensuring that suitably qualified staff are assigned to the client.

At the completion of the audit, we report to clients with suggested improvements to their internal control procedures.

Company Secretarial

The role of a company secretary is essential – but it eats into management time that could be more profitably used in growing your business. By availing of our full company secretarial compliance services, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the knowledge that you’ve discharged all your statutory obligations, plus the freedom to spend the time you save on more profitable activities.

We provide the full range of company secretarial compliance, services which include:

  • Company formations
  • Preparing CRO annual returns and other statutory forms
  • Maintaining statutory records
  • Preparing notices of meetings, AGMs and EGMs
  • Registering overseas branches
  • Registering business names
  • Registered office facility
  • Carrying out searches of official records
  • Non-filing structures

Corporation Tax

Many businesses are unaware of what is involved in filing their corporation tax return, and only address the issue when they have to make the payment or sign the return put in front of them by their accountant.

Returns can be highly complicated, and yet you carry the burden of responsibility to make the declaration. It’s critical, therefore, that you can totally trust the computations prepared by your accountants. You also need to know that they have proactively examined every legitimate avenue for minimizing your tax liability.

At McInerney Saunders, we have developed a process around Corporation Tax compliance to make it easier and less time consuming for our clients. Our services include the following:

  • Preparation of draft computations for approval by client
  • Preparation and submission of tax computations and returns
  • Advising on the timing and amount of tax due
  • Compliance reviews for corporate taxes including PAYE
  • Dealing with Revenue enquiries and investigations
  • International tax planning
  • Buying and selling of businesses
  • Investigation of entitlement to make claims
  • Capital Allowances reviews

Personal Tax

You’ve worked hard for your wealth and you want to hold onto as much of it as possible. McInerney Saunders are experts in the field of personal and corporate taxation, helping you to avail of new and existing reliefs, and removing the administrative burden of filing your tax returns.

We advise in relation to all aspects of personal tax including the following:

  • Income tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Capital acquisitions tax
  • Tax residency and domiciliary advice
  • Dealing with Revenue enquiries and investigations
  • Asset acquisitions structures
  • Pension Funding
  • Permanent Health Insurance
  • Succession planning – tax strategies

So if you’d like to minimise the Taxman’s take, talk to McInerney Saunders today. You owe it to your wealth.

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